What’s a good fiction-narrative podcast or radio show?

I’m all caught up on the ever-improving Welcome to Night Vale. I’ve listened to Cabin Pressure twice. I liked but didn’t love Bleak Expectations (too wacky by the end of series 2).

My favorite current TV shows are Archer, The Thick of It, Girls, Fresh Meat, Peep Show, and Community. My favorite playwrights are Tom Stoppard and David Ives, plus just the David Mamet ones where men are shouting at each other.

While I’m mostly sick of unscripted podcasts, my favorites are Improv4Humans, Comedy Bang Bang, and You Look Nice Today.

Can you recommend me a narrative radio show/podcast, given those tastes?


"And then I got off the bus": A great tear-down of the shitty "aaand I was in a public place!" punchline that infests Twitter and Vine (mostly as "Grandma’s funeral") but long predates internet comedy. Starts at 9:54. But here’s the important bit:

S: Comedians will never fail to surprise us with their inventive ways of doing the same pull back and reveal joke again and again. I will now demonstrate the And Then I Got Off The Bus joke.
You know the other day I got so drunk. I woke up bare ass naked, sick all over me, I had a traffic cone stuck up my bum. I was in a state of priapic excitement … and then I got off the bus aaaah.
R: What? You were on a bus all along?
S: That’s right.
R: I assumed you must have been at home on your own!
S: No. I was on a bus.
R: Wow! My expectations were confounded and from thence the humour arose!

And I’ve never heard someone point out this annoying comedian habit:

S: Another good tip is to go ‘aaah’ at the end of the phrase ‘and then I got off the bus’, as it gives the impression that you are moving on to a new piece of material, and flatters the audience by implying that they were clever to have spotted the joke so quickly.





Starr Mazer fake video-game trailer animated by Jeremie Perin (Truckers Delight, Fantasy).
Made for Motivational Growth american live-action feature film.

I would play the shit out of this.

This could’ve kicked a lot of starter

They already made it and they called it Space Quest and it was good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day, as they say in the KJV.



Something about the new weather.com homepage seems… different.

This is a big image. You’re going to want to click through.

Henry’s always making and sending me perfect jokes like this. Or putting them on Facebook and I force him to copy them to Tumblr so I can reblog. This one’s a genre I always love, the nutty list of gags where the “game” is just a format with a lot of room to explore. Reminds me of the fake Facebook ads Jed Stoneham made when I edited Urlesque. I had multiple LOLs.


Brace for fifty pictures of me smiling with barefoot American-T-shirted kids in East Timor



Beatkit™ was a brand without a product that promised to cease and desist in the year 2000, which it did. Beatkit’s mantra was “the general gloss of falsity is our only product”, which was a long-winded way of saying “Beatkit: it’s all lies.” So despite what I say it actually did have a product, the RemoverInstaller™, which was a baby rattle type of device except with no rattle and no moving parts. It had no function or utility of any kind, except to inspire an ad campaign around itself, Panic Now. Panic Now was similar to other real-world ad campaigns, except it dispensed with any pretense to romance or amuse you and instead just focused on the naked howling truth of all ads, i.e. “Stop whatever you”re doing and look at this. You don’t even know what it is but you need it. Don’t try to reason your way through it or out of it, just panic. Now.”

Shawn Wolfe (interview by Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys, CrownDozen, 2007)

And now I want one and I won’t be satisfied by the 3d-printed replicas. I legitimately want this in a consumerist non-ironic way.

One million people have “liked” the Ziploc Facebook page

One million people have “liked” the Ziploc Facebook page



Slacktory friend Alex Coulombe made a spot-on mashup of Game of Thrones and the GI Joe PSA parodies from FenslerFilm.

Top-shelf for GoT fans.



Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered so indispensable to the film that when he went off to do Conan the Destroyer (1984) first, they were prepared to wait, rather than recast him in the interim.

Terminator (1984)

I like that it’s fun behind-the-scenes trivia that anyone wanted Schwarzenegger in a movie enough to not immediately replace him.


Where can I get the entire story of “How I Met Your Mother” spoiled for me in under three minutes?

UPDATE: Y’all must think I ever watched the show. I mean the whole story.



OK but the video for “Tumblr Pro” really had me going the entire time and I was so ready to make fun of it so like finally an internet April Fool actually got me


Excerpt from “Dammit, Dave” in the style of David Mamet: from Francis Heaney’s pastiche collection "Holy Tango of Literature"


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