TechCrunch plans to release illegally obtained documents about Twitter

So some guy calling himself “Hacker Croll” stole hundreds of confidential documents from the Twitter founders, and he sent copies to TechCrunch. That blog’s founder, Mike Arrington, says the documents include people who interviewed at Twitter, floorplans, and security passcodes.

So of course once Mike (a former lawyer) saw this was some heavy illegally-gotten shit, he stopped reading, right?

Nope! He and his team read the docs all night. And MIKE PLANS TO PUBLISH SOME OF THEM.

I’ve never liked TechCrunch, but before now it was mostly personal preference or distaste. Now it’s major. IF YOU EVER, EVER, EVER READ OR LINK TO TECHCRUNCH, YOU ARE NOW SUPPORTING A SITE THAT UTTERLY DISRESPECTS ALL PRIVACY AND RULE OF LAW. THEY ARE SCUM.

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    It seems like he’d get suspicious when people didn’t spit in his face. Then again, who knows what’s going to come from...
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    Eh, he’s still a douchebag who should have stayed in hiding. rickwebb:
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    That said, Mike no longer gets to question why people spit in his face.
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    Michael Arrington is gossip, sans MS Paint skills.

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