Micah’s “Black people on Twitter” theory



No, they have their own communities and their own friends that you are not paying attention to.  I follow a lot of “those people” for my work blog, and trust me, they know how to use Twitter.


My friend Micah noticed that the Twitter trending topics attract a lot of tweets from non-geeky people: People who use text-speak, and more minorities, women, and teens than in the tech geek crowd (white guys with collars and spelling).

His theory: “These people don’t have real Twitter friends. So they all respond to trending topics. And that’s the game, that’s how they use Twitter.”

Insightful? Or kind of offensive?

These are also the vast majority of Twitter followers. The hipster tech crowd is now a small minority of users. A VERY small minority. And so they need to stop assuming that their use of Twitter is the “right”, “normal”, “correct” or “usual” use. It is no longer.

I have plenty of data to back this up if anyone’s interested (re: changing user base). And what’s up with separating “minorities, women, and teens”? Aren’t some of these “minorities” women? and teens?

To clarify, Micah doesn’t think anyone’s using Twitter “wrong”. Neither do I. (And the reason to separate race, gender, and age is because they’re three different factors. Yeah, that includes a lot of black women, hispanic teens, and god more teen girls than I can ever expect to learn that @nick isn’t Nick Jonas — now those girls are literally using Twitter wrong.)


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