“For weeks, cries of censorship and cyberbullying have been echoing across the digital halls of the video-sharing site as a few prominent men have come out swinging, accusing opportunistic women of using their sex appeal—read: boobs—to rob them of traffic and the cash that comes with it.”

Daily Dot | YouTube or boob tube? Reply girls scandal rocks video world

Now that’s fascinating. When (if ever) does sex appeal count as cheating?

Years ago on YouTube, some creators would run a single frame of boobs in the exact center of a video, so it would show as the thumbnail. From the friends I’ve had there, I’ve learned that a lot of policy and tech changes came from dealing with people trying to game the system.

Because when you’re trying to build a platform that rewards popular content but also rides on instant, repeated discovery, the more popular you get, the harder you have to fight to maintain site integrity. And your long-term goals (even financial ones) could be hurt by meeting your short-term ones the wrong way.

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