Hahaha, watch Violentacrez try to throw all of Reddit, his audience and its employees under the bus for /r/jailbait

Though to be fair, the Reddit admins are totally complicit in his activity. It’s just that he’s also the kind of spineless villain’s sidekick who will sell anyone out to save his own ass.

Watch him showing off the little gold bobblehead Reddit sent him — obviously trying to blame them for encouraging him, as Anderson Cooper points out before oh-snapping about how “pushing buttons” on the internet is about as hard as farting.

Also he basically said he has binders full of women, so that’s cute.

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  1. cowboy-killr said: Because L I B E R T A R I A N I S M
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  4. chrismenning said: He makes a good point though, pointing out how his behavior was incentivized and encouraged by both the staff and the larger community. He’s far from innocent, but his activity thrived in that environment.
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