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ZERO CHARISMA Trailer (by Nerdist)

This indie comedy about a stereotypical D&D DM looks fun and I plan to buy it!

But the top YouTube comments are complaints about the choice to focus, yet again, on the nerdiest possible gamer rather than the many socially well-adjusted people who play RPGs.

It looks like the supporting characters are just such people—the crazy DM is just the most interesting type among them. And from what we can see in the trailer, this looks like a really exciting and funny movie about an interesting character. It’s not like good movies have to be documentaries.

While this film is clearly made with love by actual gamers, I see the desire for a story that focuses on gamers that normal people can relate to. Are there more non-sociopath-focused (but still well-made) movies and shows about tabletop gamers out there?


My friend Rick Lacy, a cartoonist and video game designer, designed and drew my character from our D&D game. Pictured: Heavy flail, keg of dwarven ale.

Is this awesome Y/Y


Only ten days left to fund the Dungeons & Dragons documentary on Kickstarter!

Just $25 gets you the HD documentary two weeks before everyone else. Buy it as a gift for your D&D-playing friend. Buy it to make fun of a nerd. Splurge $40 and get the DVD or Blu-Ray.



The Philip Seymour Hoffman Alignment Chart, by Nick Douglas (click or check tags for movie titles)

Technically, his Doubt role is just as likely Lawful Good.


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