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The secrets of the Windows Phone 8 keyboard

I’ve long been jealous of the Android’s swipe-typing capabilities (an optional interface where you swipe instead of tap-tap-tapping), and now I’m jealous of Word Flow (which guesses your next word and learns over time — essential for someone like me who’s constantly writing in some arcane inside-joke pidjin).

The iPhone interface still feels like a clunky 80s Mac in some major ways. Why are we still working with a set of identical icons we inherited from the Blackberry, instead of modules that show previews of each app’s important information (currently limited to the calendar icon and red notification badges)? Why is everything so Playskool-rounded? Why is it so satisfying to replace the native calendar, mail, browser, to-do, and notepad apps?

I just bought a new Mac and a new iPhone. If I bought a tablet, it’d be an iPad. I still feel like Apple has the most seamless device system with the best available software. But I want to be lured over to the side with the much cheaper desktops. And I want Apple to fight harder to keep me in their premium-priced world.

I don’t give a shit about syncing iTunes any more, thanks to Spotify. My documents are in the cloud, thanks to Dropbox and Google Apps. Now I just need an interface that actually beats OS X, and enough reason to abandon all my app store purchases. Maybe a cross-platform app store with transferable licenses — Steam for non-gaming apps.



That’s just the default OS X background, right? Wrong. That’s a space goatse, baby.

Your Desktop’s Not Safe for Work: 9 Prank Wallpapers

So subtle, your co-worker will never change it back.


Apple, Stop Fucking Up Preview

1. When I close Preview, I want to close all the pictures I had open. I don’t need them next time I open Preview. But now I have to close each one manually like an ape. (Same goes for TextEdit.)

2. Make “Don’t Save” hotkeyable. Don’t open the fucking Finder window every time and autofocus on the file name section, so I can’t just hit “D” like I can in any sane program.

3. Stop fucking autosaving when I close after making destructive edits! You fucked my work! You didn’t save a backup! That is the ONE TIME I need you to ask me before you do something! You had ONE JOB and you fucked it! Fuck you!

4. Update day! Oh fuck you very much — you killed the quality scale for saving JPEGs! Now I can only save massive-ass non-web-ready files! Now I have to boot and run fucking Photoshop — not Pixelmator which for some goddamn reason adopted the rest of your idiotic changes as if I paid them money just to have Preview Deluxe — I have to run this goddamn $670 photo-manipulation powerhouse to turn a fucking PNG into a web-optimized JPEG.

5. And of course booting Photoshop takes like 60 fucking seconds, as does every other action on every other app while it runs, because I haven’t upgraded my Mac because you haven’t updated the iMac in over a year, because you don’t give a shit about anything that sits on a desk because desks aren’t cool, and I’d switch to a PC and get five times the power for the price if you didn’t have your clammy fingers wrapped around the shrunken little nutsack holding my little consumer testes — my phone and my music library, though fuck knows why I haven’t gone to Android and Spotify — you company made of cocks.



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