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It’s a shame Ivan Bilibin didn’t live long enough to illustrate Terry Pratchett.




Look at my girl being all hot and themed



Guy Ben Ner - Stealing Beauty

I saw this video in the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Guy Ben Ner shot a fake sitcom in an IKEA, unauthorized, two years before Channel 101’s IKEA Heights did the same.

Apparently Ben Ner only works as a “video artist,” but I feel like production value and casting is the only thing keeping this from being an unusually clever 22-minute sitcom.

Most of the dialog is a philosophical discussion about the nature of property, but it’s not just a series of talking heads; the discussion is shaped around the fact that it’s between kids and a father, and there are smart visual jokes, like the kids getting paid for chores, so they can pay their dad back for bedtime stories.

Beyond the obvious contextual hint of shooting the whole show on someone else’s property, in fake homes where every item has a price tag hanging off it, I see no reason this couldn’t be made as an actually smart family sitcom, without the IKEA angle.


Dada Day — Who Needs Art? by Grant Snider

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Soundsuits by Nick Cave

[even more amazing in action]

Yo, Gabba Gabba.



Nature painting

(larger view here)

Nature sure is neat!


Christ Presented to the People, by Quentin Massys

Saw this 16th-century painting in Madrid. Look at all these yokels photobombing Christ.



I can’t think of anything more relevant to your life today. 

Everybody get on making more of this.


Saint John the Baptist and Salome, by Jacek Malczewski, 1911 (via This Isn’t Happiness)

Are those facial expressions ahead of their time or do I just need to look at more art?



Whiting Out Your Favorite Brands

By day, Andrew Miller is a branding strategist at a New York design agency — working to figure out how to create memorable branding around perhaps not-so-memorable products. But by night, the former designer is stripping away that visual branding by covering it with white Krylon spray paint — to see which of our favorite products are still recognizable in their purest form.From a red Twizzler rope to an old Macintosh computer, the result is Brand Spirit — a blog of 100 ghost-like objects, photographed with an old 1970s camera, over 100 days.

Tell us how Brand Spirit came to be.

It started as a school project at SVA, where I was studying brand strategy. One of the things we talked about a lot in class was how, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they banned all outdoor advertising, aiming to reduce visual pollution. Not surprisingly, businesses were very worried. But with the ban still in effect, the city is thriving — a recent survey even found that most residents find the ban beneficial. So, I wanted to ask, what happens when you start to imagine a world without brands?

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“Look at that thing. She’s completely dry, first of all, despite the fact that water is spraying her in the side of the head. It also STOPS at the side of her head and doesn’t go anywhere else despite the thigh-high amount of steam building up and the random bubbles rising to the ceiling. To make things even worse, she’s showering in panties and is dropping the soap, because sex. And her shoulders are four times wider than her hips. And she’s casting a huge shadow on the wall, meaning the light is coming in I guess from the bottom of her shower. And she’s wearing lip liner, I think. Oh and also THIS PIECE OF SHIT IS IN A PUBLISHED COMIC AND WAS DRAWN BY A MILLIONAIRE.”

40 MORE Of The Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings. - Progressive Boink (via Slacktory)




Dat top photo. #Woodpunk.


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