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Film Vs. Reality (by Daniel Stenzel)

I want to see more videos like this, toggling back and forth from the mundane realities of production to the finished, soundtracked, color-graded scene.


I think I figured out my problem with the plot of the otherwise lovely movie “Her”

Because I could never take the central relationship seriously, I wanted the movie to act more split on the question of whether Samantha was a real romantic partner. So I was disappointed when the movie seemed to fully expect me to agree that she was.



Her (trailer)

Oh my fucking god it’s a serious movie about a man falling in love with his computer and it’s going to be my favorite


ENGAGEMENT - Official Trailer (by Jon Lefkovitz)

Oh my GOD is this not the best thriller premise? Girl is going to marry boy. Girl tells boy she’s going on a trip, and can her previously unmentioned twin sister come stay with him while she’s gone? Boy suspects girl is just playing a bizarre trick on him, but is falling for twin sister. Then probably someone gets murderous? Anyway if you have Hulu Plus you can watch it for free, so I’m gonna do that soon.


ZERO CHARISMA Trailer (by Nerdist)

This indie comedy about a stereotypical D&D DM looks fun and I plan to buy it!

But the top YouTube comments are complaints about the choice to focus, yet again, on the nerdiest possible gamer rather than the many socially well-adjusted people who play RPGs.

It looks like the supporting characters are just such people—the crazy DM is just the most interesting type among them. And from what we can see in the trailer, this looks like a really exciting and funny movie about an interesting character. It’s not like good movies have to be documentaries.

While this film is clearly made with love by actual gamers, I see the desire for a story that focuses on gamers that normal people can relate to. Are there more non-sociopath-focused (but still well-made) movies and shows about tabletop gamers out there?


"What is neorealism?" by kogonada: A comparison of the director’s and producer’s cuts of the same film, showing how director Vittorio De Sica valued extra moments with background characters.


"The Wolf of Wall Street" looks fun.


Magic Magic (2013) Trailer

Michael Cera as a villain. Yes. Very yes. This is what the world is for.


Needs More Gaze: A Critical Analysis of Hot Babes

A clear explanation with great examples of how even sexualized men are shown more respectfully than sexualized women in film.

(via nobunnylovesyou)


The Way, Way Back: Trailer

God I hope this is as good as it looks. Steve Carrell as a dickhole, Sam Rockwell as a wise slacker, Alison Janney as anything…


The Pitchers: Genre darts

Apparently these guys also invented “Warm Bodies”.



Training montage montage!

Happy new year! Use this to get motivated about your resolutions. Especially if your resolution is to watch a very small portion of many movies.

I’m thrilled with this supercut for a lot of technical reasons you probably don’t care about.



Hobbit Dwarves Cheat Sheet

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