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This explanation of "Twitch Plays Pokemon" is a pretty great internet-phenomenon documentation

Basically, a shitload of internet users are collaborating to play a single game of Pokemon, making their decisions via IRC (old-school chat) through two different control methods: Anarchy, where every command from any player is enacted, and Democracy, where users vote for the next command every 20 seconds. (There’s another system for choosing between Anarchy and Democracy.)

Within this structure, people have formed religions, fandoms, and fierce debate. I’ve seen the game mentioned all over Reddit and elsewhere online. And it’s just some people playing a really old version of Pokemon!

And this Reddit post explained it clearly enough that I, who have never played a single Pokemon game, feel like I understand what’s going on.


New low point: Reached a new high card on Threes and took five unironic screenshots


The new game of Emulation - Designed for the Amusement of Youth of both Sexes and calculated to inspire their Minds with an Abhorrence of Vice and a Love of Virtue”

djagil | Image | BoardGameGeek

There’s a copy of this at the current excellent NYPL exhibit on the history of children’s literature. I didn’t realize there were already specific branded board games as early as 1804, though it makes sense that they were morality plays.


“When you go down a pit in Super Mario Bros., you don’t feel like, ‘Aah! I’m going to die!’”

Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, on the immersive quality of virtual reality over traditional videogame interfaces, quoted in AllThingsD

Duplicity Gameplay

Holy shit I wanna play thisss



Our new Story War prototypes came in today! They’re beautiful! (Story War is our upcoming card game where 3 to 8 players battle each other using their creative storytelling skills, read more about it here.)

Most of these prototypes are already earmarked as review copies or playtest copies, but we have a few extras that we can give away. I honestly never considered doing a giveaway until I saw them all sprawled out on my coffee table like gold doubloons. So here’s how you can get one: 

Reblog this post and tell us in your caption who would win in a battle (set in the Graveyard) between the Goblin and the Manticore? And how would they win?

We’ll read all the reblogs in the notes and mail some prototype copies to the the people who wrote the most creative responses! We only have a handful of extra copies but we might end up giving out more than one if we get a bunch of great responses!

Also, our Kickstarter will be launching at the end of January, so you should follow us if you want to be kept in the loop about that! 

PS: If you live in NYC, you can come play test Story War tomorrow!

- Brad

The Manticore can easily handle the walking dead in a graveyard (lasers cut zombie heads off just like living heads), whereas the Goblin’s gadgets, even before they run out of power in this off-the-grid locale, will upset and antagonize the dead, distracting him from battle with his already superior foe.



Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’? - Hot Slutz

Comedy wins hearts and minds.


Story War - Mansion: Dwarf & Harpy vs Demon & Mummy (by BradOFarrell)

I’m in this playtest of the "Story War" card game! Mostly just laughing at Brad’s points about my Christian dwarf.


We just did a fun playtest today


We played a great game of Story War today! Here’s some things that happened:

  • Someone used the Philosopher’s Stone to transform the air around the Fairy into a bottle - a bottle is a Fairy’s worst enemy!
  • Someone used the Yeti in the Crystal Cave to create giant ice structures that mimicked crystals so he could control and manipulate the environment and confuse them, but then the Gremlin shot charges of electricity through the ice which lead right back to the Yeti and fried him!
  • The Dwarf converted to Catholicism to defeat the Demon!
  • The Teen Wolf used the Clocktower’s Time Energy to control his time-based wolf transformation powers AS WELL as his teenage mood swings!
  • The Blue Dragon caused a blizzard that affected the Bugbear by making both his bear-aspects hibernate and his bug-aspects die from being cold blooded.
  • The Lich tried to prolong her life, like Voldemort, by hiding a piece of her soul away from an enemy, but then the Mimic ate her soul when she attempted to hide it inside of his mouth!

It was so fun! I can’t wait for you guys to play it.

ALSO, the people I played with all had pretty defined play styles:

  • Nick: Very scientific but lacked coherent tactics. He referenced the quantum uncertainty principle, absolute zero, and the conductivity of colder objects within a 20 minute span. But he had trouble coming up with ways to win.
  • Caldwell: He was driven more on cute iconic cartoony imagery but didn’t think through consequence  Ie, he thought it’d be cool to have Puss and Boots fight the Treant but CATS LOSE TO TREES ALL THE TIME IN REAL LIFE.
  • Hamer: A stoner, Mike would come up with good arguments EVENTUALLY but never see them through to the end or swing the crowd in his favor because he was too relaxed to speak up.
  • Barry: Super cocky about every single card and often relying on brute force. “What’s a Imp going to do to a Behemoth? NOTHING THAT’S WHAT! I’M JUST GOING TO CRUSH HIM! I’LL CRUSH ALL OF YOU SO EASILY!”
  • Brad: Perfect and flawless at every turn.

- Brad

I was the Yeti and the Teen Wolf. I am crafty.


Have you seen pictures of Story War? Wonder what the fuck it is? Here, I’ll trade you their explanation, in return for anything you can tell me about “Homestuck”.


We just got a bunch of reblogs and a lot of people asking what Story War is and how they can buy it and stuff like that. Okay!

What is Story War?

It’s a card game for 3-to-8 players that combines storytelling and combat! It’s more about creativity and alluding to pop culture (or just regular culture) than it is about math or numbers. It takes about 30 minutes to play a full game, even with an 8 person game.

Players choose a Warrior card (like Medusa or Puss In Boots) from their hand to represent them in battle, then multiple players must work together as a team to defeat the players on the other side of the table. They can also use Treasure cards (like Excalibur or Flying Carpet) to get them out of a tight spot and turn the battle around! Each battle is also set on a Battlefield (like Beanstalk or Sleepy Village) and players can use the terrain to their advantage.

How does it actually work?

It’s structured similarly to Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples (ie, a player acting as a judge that changes on each turn) but it plays more like a super simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons. You could also say it’s like Smash Brothers with mythological creatures!

It’s really fun and it forces you to come up with ridiculous creative narratives and then you have to try to get your friends to go along with them. You’ll laugh a lot when you play it! Here’s a longer explanation!

Who is making Story War?

Three friends! Brad O’Farrell (me), Tom McLean (Frezned), and Vondell Swain. Vondell’s doing all of the art, I’m doing the creative direction and the game design, and Tom is also doing game design and business stuff and writing most of the jokes. There are jokes! Tom is a professional video game designer and Vondell is a professional illustrator (well he is now that we’re paying him) and I’m just a really fun guy.

How can I buy it?

You can’t yet! But you’ll be able to buy it soon! We’re going to launch a Kickstarter in early 2013. You should follow our blog if you want to be notified when the Kickstarter launches. In order to sell the game at a reasonable price and recoup the money we’ve already invested into this project, we’re going to need to get a critical mass of preorders via Kickstarter. Also if the Kickstarter is really successful we’ll be able to funnel that into an expansion!

What can I do to help?

Until we launch the Kickstarter all you can really do is get the word out and send people to this blog! I guess you could reblog this post or one of our other more interesting posts. Also if you’re an artist and you wanna get involved, email with some links to your work! But just being excited is really helpful, too! We’re also pretty excited!


Penny Arcade - Iconoclast

This is how I make my opinions.



2. Where in Jail Is Carmen Sandiego?

After being found with a copy of the Mona Lisa in Guatemala, Carmen Sandiego was sent to a maximum security federal prison in Colorado. Players help her complete menial tasks, forge alliances among non-fedora wearing gangs of inmates, and earn her GED.

From Five Forgotten Educational Videogames, By the Author of “Fake Science 101″

I’m psyched we got the man behind Fake Science to do this post. It’s really, really good.

Read the piece for screenshots of “Dysentery!” and “Mavis Beacon Takes a Few Minutes for Herself”.


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